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1 Timothy (2:5)

19. Is There A Difference Between Being Saved & Receiving Salvation?




Is there a Difference between being Saved and Receiving Salvation?


Saved By Grace


Saved – Reflects your current state or current condition at that moment in time.

Salvation -Reflects something that you obtain that is permanent – for a Christian, it is your goal/objective.



We may be saved, yet we are still seeking salvation.

Salvation is something that you receive from God. Being saved merely indicates that you are, at this current moment in time, in right standing with God worthy to receive salvation “with God,”

Although these two grouping of words, within themselves, have similar meanings (saved and salvation) there is a difference.



Saved – can mean to be delivered from, or rescued from something, someone, or from someplace, circumstance, or condition.

For example – you may be someone who has been delivered from smoking or drinking (you were a smoker or alcoholic – let’s say)

It can be compared to the difference between you saying that you stopped doing something versus you making the claim you quit doing something.

(There’s a little play on those words right there)


I’m sure there is someone who has probably used this line to discredit the obvious fact that they are drug addicts or alcoholics.  They may say that I’m just a social user, a social drinker, I don’t have to have a drink, I only drink on the weekends, I only smoke when I have a drink, etc., etc.

  • My Bible tells me that it is the little foxes that destroyed the vine.
  • (There’s a worldly song that says:) “I don’t see anything wrong, with a little bump and grind.”



To be saved is a process, (a never-ending process until we die).


Let’s Not Get This Twisted

You can be saved today and headed to hell tomorrow!


To have salvation is the completion of the being “saved” process. It is your final destination, it is heaven “with God,” and it is the “with God” that is the pivotal difference when we speak of Heaven. It is the final state of condition where we now obtain immortality, which in turn means that you cannot die again, and although we say we really want to be up there with God and Jesus and see everybody else in heaven, the bottom line is we value the thought of never dying again, never experiencing any more pain, any more sorrow, all of those promises that we would obtain for trusting in Christ and believing God (1John 2:17, Rev 7:17, 21:4-7, 22:3).


Salvationis permanent/ it is your goal/objective


Once You Obtain “Salvation” You Will Always Have “Eternal Life with God.”




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