"There Is One God And One Mediator Between God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 
1 Timothy (2:5)

Speaking In Tongues


Table of Content


Part 1:  Speaking In Tongues

1.  Preface: Speaking In Tongues

2.  The Meaning of Tongues

3.  Speaking In “Other” Tongues

4.  Speaking In “Unknown” Tongues



Part 2:  Babbling? Mandatory?

1.  The Spirit Giving Utterance Did Not Mean Unintelligible Babbling!

If Tongues Are Mandatory; Are Infants Who Die Doomed?



Part 3:  Tongues Understanding The Difference

1.  The Source Of Confusion

2.  Distinguishing A “Gift” From An “Initial Sign”

3.  Not Everyone Speaks In Tongues

4.  Neither Was This Foretold To Occur



Part 4:  Several Reasons For Their Error

1.  An Accounting Must Be Complete To Be Accurate

2.  The Correct Reporting of What “Initial” Sign(s) Occurred

3.  The Holy Ghost Was Not Unique To Pentecost

4.  The Pentecostal Experience Summary

5.  The Visible Signs Of The Holy Ghost

6.  Speaking With Tongues

7.  Conclusion



Part 5: Personal Experiences

Experience #1 – My First Speaking In Tongues Experience Without The Holy Ghost

Experience #2 – Experience #2: Receiving The Holy Ghost Without Speaking In Tongues

Experience #3 – A Sign To Them That Believe Not



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