"There Is One God And One Mediator Between God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 
1 Timothy (2:5)

Incarnation vs. Omnipresence



 The Two Most Dangerous Non-Biblical Words We Misuse


Incarnation and Omnipresent are probably the two most dangerous non-biblical words we misuse. This is why the majority of our fundamental claims appear to contradict other Godhead-related scriptures. To be sound, if you are going to use these terms, they must make scriptures harmonize instead they make them conflict with other passages.


From what we teach:

We claimed that Jesus (was God incarnate) and that he is the express image and fullness of God (literally). This is very interesting for we also say Jesus was also omnipresent in his existence at the same time while he was on earth.


NOTE: We say it, but then we cannot really explain (truthfully) how or what makes it TRUE.


If the fullness of God was ALL in Jesus on earth and they were literally looking at God, as we claim (God in his human body), then we must explain how God could be in Heaven in such a way that the meanings of these scriptures do not contradict themselves, especially since Jesus said, (if he was telling the truth), that his father (God) was in heaven (Matthew 5:45, 48). We make this somewhat unfounded claim based on several misinterpreted verses (Hebrews 1:3, Colossians 2:9).





Incarnation / Omnipresence Are Contradictory States of Existence

Incarnation and Omnipresence are different states of being. To be one you cannot be the other. If God is physically everywhere at the same time literally then by definition when God is in one man (Jesus), he is also in EVERY other human being, God would, in fact, be in EVERYTHING else that exists; God would be in the empty box, God would be in the dog, God would be in Satan, God would be in heaven and at the same time God would be in hell unless I am incorrect about the definition of omnipresent which means – “all over”; “everywhere at the same time” (See Non-Biblical Concepts).


These expressions of God (express image and fullness) are clearly spoken figuratively (metaphoric) or else scriptures contradict. It is impossible to be fully God in a confined human body literally if he is omnipresent; to be fully in a body (confined) is the opposite of being omnipresent. Since there is only one God (no little God junior thus making the existence of two Gods) the church had to come up with or invent a “new” word (incarnation) in our attempt to justify why, in the Bible, Jesus is called the Son of God instead of God. The church is now forced to make the claim that God was either “playing a role” as Son or “acting as” a man (which is not what the Bible says) or we make Jesus a liar.


God Created Man On Earth,

But He Resides In Heaven!

It is worth mentioning, while we are on this omnipresence topic, just as a reminder, that God does not have to be everywhere “physically” to know and control everything everywhere. To the contrary, God’s primary place of residence is in Heaven (His dwelling place 1Ki 8:39, 1Ki 8:43, 1Ki 8:49; 2Ch 6:21; Psa 33:13-14, Psa 113:5-6, Psa 123:1) and that is made clear throughout the Old and New Testament writings (Psa 11:4; Ecc 5:2; Dan 2:28; Mat 5:16, 45, 48, 6:1, 9, 7:11, 21, 10:32-33, 12:50, 16:17, 18:10, 14, 19, 22:30; Mark 11:25-26; Luke 11:2)

The Bible does not reflect God as a being some endless vast or gaseous spiritual being covering the entire universe (thus when He speaks the entire world would be able to hear His voice). Furthermore, this is not necessary especially considering God already knows the thoughts of man (Psalms 94:11). For example, our military leaders (simple men) are able to see, speak to, track, and destroy individuals in other countries via remote technology; TV, mobile phone, satellite, G.P.S, “drones”, etc. One thing is certain God has the means to do his will without ever having to leave Heaven.    



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