"There Is One God And One Mediator Between God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 
1 Timothy (2:5)

4. The Creation Of The Human Soul – Genesis 2:7


The Creation Of The Human Soul

Genesis 2:7


There has been much debate over Genesis 2:7 and God’s Creation Of The Human Soul. The one I find most interesting is this theory of Traducianism. The word of God however is very clear on this matter, so let’s review and compare.



Traducianism is the theory (manmade theory) that the soul is generated by the physical parents.  It is said that:

(1) Man has been given the ability to create life (a living soul) because the Bible reflects that Adam begat a son (he had an offspring) made in his own likeness and image (Genesis 5:3) and the Bible does not reflect God repeating the same steps (breathing into the nostrils) as he did with Adam.

(2) Some argue that a living soul begins when the human embryo first begins development prior to birth.


The Bible does not support either position.


The First argument:

#(1) the first argument ignores several facts – Man (as mentioned in Gen 2:7) means “mankind”

> Although the contents of Genesis 5:3 are stated correctly, it clearly does not state Adam (a “man”) created another “living soul”. Although man typically plays a significant role in bringing forth a “new” life (another human) into the world, it is ALWAYS God who actually makes it happen, if it is to occur at all.

Note: Man is not needed, nor is he capable of creating souls; FYI – Adam, Eve, and Jesus were all living souls created by God (who caused their existence to take place, and each is considered to be human – or mankind: See What Is A Genuine Human? ).

> Man (mankind) is also considered to be made in the “image” of God (Gen 1:27, 1Cor 11:7), as was Jesus (Col 1:15)

> Man (mankind) is also considered to be made in the “likeness” of God (Gen 5:1) and we are the “offspring” (Acts 17:29) and/or ” “Sons and Children of God“.


The Second argument also lacks merit:

> In Genesis 2:7, we read God breathed the breath of life into Adam, causing Adam to become a “living” soul.  

According to the Bible, which is silent about pre-birth matters, it is at this point that man (mankind) is considered to be a living soul H5315 (to be “alive”, or “living”, obviously implies that the individual is breathing, or has at some point taken its “first” breath)<1>It is worth noting that the Bible never refers to an un-birthed child or embryo, while inside the mother, as a living soul. Although the child is alive, it is not “breathing.” Your unborn baby does not breathe through its mouth and nose while it is in the womb. Birth is the occasion when babies breathe for the first time. Until it exits from the womb, the baby develops in an environment filled with amniotic fluid. Unlike your lungs, which expand and contract during breathing, an unborn baby’s lungs are undeveloped, un-inflated, and filled with amniotic fluid. Instead, the developing fetus receives all of the benefits of breathing, including oxygen, with help from the mother. At this stage of development, it is the mother who is doing the “breathing” for the child. Normal breathing, inhaling and exhaling, use of the lungs to move oxygenated air to the blood vessels for transport to the bloodstream. The same systems remove carbon dioxide from the bloodstream and deliver nutrients to the body. Your baby’s circulatory system is still developing while it is in the womb, so the umbilical cord and placenta, which connects baby and mother, do the work normally performed by the lungs. 

The Bible says that it is God who gives every man “breath” and “spirit” (Isaiah 42:5)


Scripture clearly differentiates the separation of the body (flesh) from the soul (spirit) (Mat 10:28; Acts 2:27, 31) <2>It is also worth noting that in the KJV translation of the scriptures words “spirit” and “soul” are words that can be, and are, at times used interchangeably.:

The origin of the body; The Bible says the body returns to the earth as it was (Ecc 3:20, 12:7; Job 34:15; Ps 146:4; Da 12:2).

The origin of the soul; The Bible says the soul/spirit comes from and returns unto God who gave it.” (1Kings 17:21-22; Isaiah 42:5; Zechariah 12:1; Hebrews 12:9).


Note: We may not be able to “visibly” see when man’s spirit actually enters his body of flesh but the word of God gives us the standard by which God determines life as becoming a “living soul”. You can have all of the oxygen in the world encapsulating your body, but if God does not provide (or removes) your spirit, your flesh (your body) is not “living”. Breathing reflects something that is said to be “living” and the Bible refers to a living soul as someone who has breath (Genesis 2:7; Job 12:10, 33:4, Ps 104:29; Is 42:5, Eze 37:5-6). In Genesis, we discover that it is also the starting point by which a living soul is potentially held accountable for its action (Genesis 2:16-17).




– If God creates a new soul for every human being, how is the soul then infected with sin? First, there is an attribute that every man has, it is called “CHOICE” (or “Freewill”). Because of this man has “The ABILITY to SIN<3>The ABILITY to SIN is called “SINFUL NATURE”, it is the nature that “allows” man to disobey the will of God but he is not “infected with” SIN (Guilty of Sin) until he commits an “ACT” of sin. Sin requires some type of action against the will of God (Disobedience).



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