"There Is One God And One Mediator Between God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 
1 Timothy (2:5)


Hebrew Strong’s Number: H7200
Hebrew Word: ‏רָאָה‎
Transliteration: rāʾâ
Phonetic Pronunciation:raw-aw’
Part of Speech: v
English Words used in KJV:
see 879
look 104
behold 83
shew 68
appear 66
consider 22
seer 12
spy 6
respect 5
perceive 5
provide 4
regard 4
enjoy 4
lo 3
foreseeth 2
heed 2
miscellaneous translations 74
[Total Count: 1313]  
a primitive root; to see, literal or figurative (in numerous applications, direct and implied, transitive, intransitive and causative) :- advise self, appear, approve, behold, × certainly, consider, discern, (make to) enjoy, have experience, gaze, take heed, × indeed, × joyfully, lo, look (on, one another, one on another, one upon another, out, up, upon), mark, meet, × be near, perceive, present, provide, regard, (have) respect, (fore-, cause to, let) see (-r, -m, one another), shew (self), × sight of others, (e-) spy, stare, × surely, × think, view, visions.
Strong’s Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary.