"There Is One God And One Mediator Between God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 
1 Timothy (2:5)

Experience #3: A Sign To Them That Believe Not


You cannot “truthfully” testify about this supernatural experience


you actually had this supernatural experience!


Not long after one of my younger sons’ death (Kevin M Gregg II, 15 yrs.), I was driving down highway 69 from Fort Wayne Indiana to Indianapolis Indiana and reminiscing on past memories of my son, little Kevin, when without any warning and beyond my voluntary control, just out of nowhere God took control of me and my mouth and I actually began speaking in an “unknown tongue” (language). Keep in mind that this is all occurring while I was driving without the thought of God on my mind at all. Needless to say, at first I was in a state of shock, not fear, shock! I just couldn’t believe what was happening to me, yet I knew what was occurring and when it ended I knew why.

Although “indistinguishable” (unknown to me) it did not sound like “babbling.” This speaking in tongue episode that I experienced only lasted for about 45-60 seconds and although this was a supernatural experience it does not mean this language was some “extraterrestrial type of unintelligible form of a heavenly language”, although it probably was, it was definitely a language “unknown” to me. But I could not honestly claim that it was not that of another human or ethnic language being spoken through me, as happened on the day of Pentecost, it was, however, one of the most remarkable 45-second experiences of my life.

I was by myself. No one was present to verify my experience took place. I was not in a trance or meditative state. I was just driving my car, minding my own business with my eyes wide open and it was at this point when God suddenly allowed me to see what was truly meant by “tongues being a sign to those who don’t believe.


(1 Corinthians 14:22) “Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not:”



(You cannot “truthfully” testify about this supernatural experience until you actually had this supernatural experience!)


It was as if the “scales fell from my eyes.” Until this incident, I still had doubts. I never experienced this move of God personally, not in this manner, so up until this point in time it remained unproven to me that God could actually make someone speak without their willingness to do so.

I am so very grateful that God did open my eyes to a greater understanding. Speaking in tongues as being a sign of God is not reserved for the sinner alone, but applies to everyone, including Christians who already have the Holy Ghost but possibly may not as yet had the experience of speaking in tongues (another language). There is a difference between some who I have witnessed speak in tongues in contrast to this true supernatural experience from God.

When God (the Holy Ghost) really takes control, although you are aware you do not have control over your actions to stop it! You cannot stop yourself until God has completed that which he wants you to experience, and what a life-changing experience it is indeed. It is God who chooses who and when to provide this miraculous tongue experience.

This God-given experience was not intended for you to go around and imitate this supernatural experience by making yourself produce “unintelligible babbling” or “stammering lips” or “indistinguishable vocal activitythat you control (which is the main point).



Making a “joyful noisedoes NOT equate to “speaking in tongues.”


♦  When at work, in public or in court, I know of no one who just starts blurting out “indistinguishable vocal activity” as if they were “speaking in tongues” under the prompting of God.

 ♦  When it is God that moves you that is not something you control or can stop! (unless, of course, you are possibly more powerful than God himself)

♦  The purpose was to demonstrate God’s power to the non-believers, not for believers to go around trying to imitate this experience by blurting out “indistinguishable vocal activity” that neither you or the audience understands. God didn’t send Jesus out, and Jesus didn’t send the apostles out, to speak jibberish to his people.

♦  When this type of behavior occurs, “indistinguishable vocal activity,” there is no true edification of God being demonstrated. From my personal experience, it is better describe as a joyous reaction that some exhibit, usually during a church-related activity.

♦  I am not disputing that the feeling we may sometime experience inside (especially during a good message, frequently enhanced by some good foot stomping church music) may indeed be a real move of God and may move many to start making a “joyful noise” but noise does not equate to “speaking in tongues.” The Bible indicates when the HOLY SPIRIT acted upon a mass of people it produced understandable HUMAN WORDS thus edification and God’s purpose was established.



Remember, the gift of the Holy Ghost, mentioned in (Acts 2:38), is a promise (“you SHALL receive the Holy Ghost“), which is capable (not promised) of generating one of many gifting abilities and experiences. Speaking in tongues is just one of these experiences (supernatural gifting or abilities) a Christian may receive.

This miraculous experience still occurs with or without the use of “tarrying” or any Pastoral witnesses. God is the only witness and authority needed in determining when you or anyone receives this manner of Spiritual movement or any spiritual gifting or ability God wishes for you to experience. I have seen and felt God’s presence just by standing around certain people, during the preaching of a message, listening to the choir, or upon the laying of hands.  This is what was so miraculous about this experience or “occurrence” on the day of Pentecost.



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