"There Is One God And One Mediator Between God And Men, The Man Christ Jesus" 
1 Timothy (2:5)

3 Ways We Knowingly Misuse God’s Name – Bearing False Witness


Satan doesn’t want anyone to know the Truth or spread the Truth. He especially doesn’t want you to know who God is, and not knowing God can hinder your prayers from being effective. When we knowingly misrepresent God’s true name YHWH (H3068), as if it belonged to someone else (Jesus), we are breaking 3 Commandments of God.


1). (Deut 5:20) do not to bear false witness.

Bearing false witness against anyone, or against God, is a sin. When a person says “LORD,” when the transliteration of the text is YHWH or when the translation of the text (YHWH) is  Yahweh or Jehovah, they are being dishonest with the text. To indicate to people that the word “Lord” (which is a title, not a name, and does not translate into YHWH) is the name of God to be honored, we are knowingly misrepresenting the text and are found to be liars. If your name is Bill and I tell someone else that your name is James, I am bearing false witness.


Note: Capitalizing the word “lord” (LORD) is also very misleading because it does not give any more meaning to the title than ruler or owner. This is important to understand, especially when we are asked the name of God.



2). (Prov 30:6) do not add to or take away from the Word of God.

Those who say “LORD” instead of “YAHWEH” (or Jehovah) are doing both of these evils. By not saying “YAHWEH” (or the original transliteration YHWH), they take away from it, and by saying “LORD” (which does not translate into YHWH) they add to it.



3). (Deut 5:11) do not use in vain the name of YHWH.

The 3rd commandment lets us know that God’s name “YHWH” is considered taken in vain when it is treated as being empty or treated as a superstitious relic ( Many Jewish people fall into this category).

At no time, in the Bible, are we commanded to refrain from using God’s name (YHWH) in our conversation or reading.



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